Thursday, August 16, 2007


I was so disappointed with last night's finale I don't even want to talk about it. But I will. Last years show was fantastic so I was expecting more of the same (especially since the dancers this year are supposed to be more professional than last year) and I didn't get it. Mostly I blame it on the choreography. So here's what I think:
  • Sabra and Neil's hip hop: Terrible. I could hardly watch it. In fact I think I covered my eyes a few times with the pillow so I didn't have to watch Neil's faces. He did make me laugh with his comment about Shane telling him he had to be sexy and Neil responding, that's like telling Nigel to be British.
  • Lacey and Danny's waltz: I thought it was great. Beautiful
  • Lacey and Sabra's jazz: Lacey did all right. I thought Sabra did a fantastic job. At this point I was really sad though because I really don't think Sabra's going to win even though she's been so consistent throughout the season.
  • Danny and Neil's contemporary: It was good. That's it. It definitely did not deserve all of the praise the judges gave it. And as for choreography, it wasn't even close to the park bench dance last year.
  • Neil and Lacey's Lindy Hop: Horrible. I understand it's a hard dance, but it just looked terrible. It's too bad because it could have been a hit for Neil, but Lacey looked way too awkward with her lifts.
  • Danny and Sabra's Cha-Cha: Best dance of the night. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.
As for the solos, Lacey's was great and the other's were okay. I certainly didn't think Danny's deserved a standing ovation from the judges. So as you can see, I don't think any of the dancer's really stood out last night except maybe Danny since he was in both of the dances I liked. I will be perfectly happy with whoever wins. Except maybe Neil. I like him, but I just don't think he's as good as the others. If I were to call and vote, which I have never actually done, I think for the first time this season, I would actually vote for Danny even though I've been a Sabra fan the whole time.

Well, it feels good to get that out there. Did I mention I am supremely disappointed and dissatisfied with last night's show? Thank goodness for blogs so I can rant and rave to my heart's content.


Jana said...

I want to read it, but haven't watched it yet. I need to do it soon. What did we do before dvrs? I would actually have made time for ore important things I guess. So, I will read your post AFTER I watch the finale. I don't want to know anything. :)

Owens D.C. said...

I agree about last year, but didn't even bother this year because the beginning was awful in my opinion. You're too funny and make me laugh!

KA said...

I really do think Danny was the best of the night. I don't know if he deserved the standing O, but I thought his solo was great. And Lacey's solos seem the same every time.

Neil is not the best dancer of the 4--you're right. But I still love him and consider him my boyfriend.