Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Miss Teen America USA What Did She Say?

Oh, this is so painful, but I couldn't resist.


Owens D.C. said...

I don't even dare admit this especially on a non-private blog, but I made Tyler watch that live. Oh yes, we heard it when it left her lips for the first time. We were dying of laughter and yet felt so bad at the sametime. Are you kidding me though, (U.S. Americans and some people don't have maps)we just kept rewinding it and hoping it wasn't as bad as the first time we heard it. Poor girl, but at least she has her mentor to comfort her...go Barbie!

Lisa said...

I just sat there squirming. She's going to play that answer over in her mind for the rest of her life! Poor, poor pageant girl.

Kristin said...

I know, I couldn't even look at her the first time I watched it. I just sat there listening with my hands covering my face.

Larissa Kindred said...

Oh wow--what just happened?!
Good thing they didn't ask her to locate the US (aka Americans) on a map. Or Iraq or South Africa for that matter. And was it just me or did he cut her short a little there at the end...too bad I am sure that last couple of words would have really pulled that all together for us.
I have to admit I had no idea the map shortage was so severe here in the US (Americans).
Remember its a scholarship pageant not a beauty pageant.
Great Post..well done Kristin.
Down with Oboma '08 :)

Kristin said...

That's totally cool if you don't vote for Oboma in '08, as long as you're still on board with Obama :)

Larissa Kindred said...

After watching that video I had to throw in a spelling error...It was 100% on purpose..I thought you would find it humurous. :)

Okay, I'm laughing SO hard right now!!!!! That's so classic of Jeff!

Jana said...

Oh wow. That is unbelievable. It is just how Lisa said it. Poor poor pageant girl. It is still so shocking to hear. Wow! About DC. I am probably coming the weekend of the 21st or whatever that weekend is. But we will get a hotel while I am there. Don't even bother offering your place. I am so sure. But we are FOR SURE getting together. Baby or not! :)

KA said...

It was sweet of you to go with the given YouTube title of "Miss Teen America USA What Did She Say?"

I might have gone with something more like, "The Imbecility Abounds."

Kate said...

God bless US Americans!