Sunday, August 19, 2007


Some recent photosMax's first attempt at dressing himself
Playing at Gymboree
playing at Gymboree
Max at the park. No I don't take my kid to the park with no shirt on, he puked all over himself right as we got there.
Baltimore Inner Harbor

Yesterday we took Max to the Baltimore aquarium with Claire and Walt (Mimi and Grandpa). It was WAY better than last week's attempt. He finally got to see some sharks, but every time Abram got within a foot of the glass Max would hold on for dear life and whisper "no, no." He loved all the fish though and Grandpa Walt made it especially exciting, oooing and awing at everything with Max. The aquarium is right in the inner harbor and Max was in heaven seeing all the huge ships. We didn't have time but we really want to take him out for a boat ride when we get a chance.

Max's favorite game is to play chase. He will run in circles around the house for hours if there is someone running with him. And it doesn't matter if he's being chased or doing the chasing because eventually he just thinks he's being chased and is way ahead of you - sucka. Anyway, he has recently added a dramatic twist to chase. When he stops to take a break, he runs to the couch, wall or chair, (he doesn't slow down, mind you, he just slams his body full speed into the object until he stops). Then he wipes his arm across his forehead and sighs, "Phew!" like he is exhausted from all that running. Of course he immediately starts running again right after, but he likes the dramatic effect.


Larissa Kindred said...

Max is so cute, and I love how he put on his shorts! Him with no shirt on at the park reminds me of when we lived in Kirksville, Missouri! Everyone goes around like that there!

Jana said...

he has grown so much since I saw him last. Soon enough I will see both of your kids! I can't wait. YOU remember we are coming to DC in September? But don't worry, we aren't even planning on staying with you! :) (having a new baby and all). :) But I do want to see you guys.

Rebecca said...

I just made the Peach Pound cake that you posted Kristin. Yum!