Thursday, August 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I know I promised most of you pictures of the house months ago and I never quite got around to it. Well, in honor of my new commitment to the blog, I actually cleaned up a little and snapped some shots so I'd have something to write about today. I could make a list longer than any of you want to read about what I want to change, but all in all, we are THRILLED with what we got. We love it. However, when my 4 year old niece Katie first came to visit (she had recently had a pirate birthday party), on the way home she told her mom, "I just LOVE Aunt Kristin's new house." When her mother asked why, she said, "There's so much GOLD!" Yup, that's right folks, lots and lots of gleaming gold. We're not talking just door handles and light fixtures, every light switch, and every outlet has a gold covering. It's spectacular - for a pirate. Anyway, I'm off to Home Depot right after this to finally go buy new fixtures - HURRAY!

The aforementioned light switches
We are this end unit
Living Room
Dining Room
Family Room

Guest Room
Max's Room
Max's bathroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Master Bath


Sandy said...

I love your house, and you know you'll be kicking yourself for replacing the gold fixtures when it comes back in style one day!!

Jana said...

Nice. That dining room table looks familiar. I got a good laugh from the pirate talk. lol

Kate said...

Your house looks beautiful. You are such a grownup... a kid & a homeowner!