Monday, August 13, 2007


Max recently watched Finding Nemo with his grandparents and he came back obsessed with sharks. We'll be sitting somewhere and he'll gasp, jump up, and point to the closet or some other dark corner and whisper/yell: "SHARKS!" Then he jumps in my arms so I will protect him, which of course I love so I haven't really discouraged the drama. I call it an obsession instead of a phobia because while he acts scared of them he's really interested in them too. So we heard that The National Aquarium was having a special shark day on Saturday and decided to bring him there. Well, turns out our nation doesn't have much to be proud of in terms of their aquarium. There was one shark about 2 feet long and then a bunch of stations where kids could learn about sharks, make puppets, etc. Lame. But Max didn't know any better so he thought it was great. Basically, it was the basement of a federal building with a bunch of fish tanks. He ran from tank to tank yelling, "Nemo! Nemo!" So we'll have to make the trek up to Baltimore soon and go to a real aquarium.

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