Monday, August 13, 2007

Mr. Sparkle Pants

My favorite line from tonight's show? Pasha (with his Russian accent): "My code name is Mr. Sparkle Pants." I am sad to see him go, but I will admit that maybe I was a bit hasty about my judgment on Neil. I am really happy with who's left for the finale. So that means I had to redo the poll, though I will say I was really happy that Sabra kicked everyone else's butts. We'll see what happens now that I put Neil up there too though. I can't WAIT for the finale!


Sandy said...

I totally missed the "Mr. Sparkle pants" comment!! Man do I wish I could replay that, but the mental re-creation will have to do. I love the lilypie counter...I am a little ticked to see that you only have 29 more days to go, makes my 76 feel way to far away!

KA said...

I was never sold on Pasha until the manequinn hip-hop with Lacey. But I loved him after that. But someone has to go, right?

Jana said...

I am so mad! MY stupid dvr stopped recording afer 20 minutes. What the crap!? So, it stopped recording after Lil C. Lame. I am so sad to see Pasha go. Danny dances like a girl. BOOO!!! What is with his signature move. . .dancing across the floor on his toes, in a push up pose, backwards. It is lame. I am over him!!! Pansy!