Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dear, Sweet Elizabeth

Since I have had two people tell me they actually believed my post about Elizabeth, I think I should probably fess up and admit I have embellished the story a bit. Which you probably would have figured out if you clicked on the link at the bottom of the post. Click here to read the true story. Jeez. Are you happy Elizabeth? You won.

For those not in the know: I tell my version of the story when Elizabeth is within earshot and I know she can hear me talking about her. It always gets her real riled up and makes her laugh, which I LOVE to do. In my defense, it was her idea to each post our own versions of the story on our 18 year anniversary.

So there you have it, Elizabeth is the nice one (but you really should have known her when she was 12), and I'm the crazy mean one that wouldn't let her sleep on with the good pillow.


Delsa said...

How exciting to get on and see not one but three posts, with lots of pictures as well. But rather than leave a boring comment on each one I will just say here the 1.Aviva looks great climbing up the stair,2. Max's mess looks pretty much like the ones you were great at making 3. Abram looks even better in his hat there than he did here 4.Sorry to hear my daughter is a liar (or should I say story teller, but we all know she doesn't "lick it from the ground" (which is a phrase we heard someone say here recently so we were very surprised)
5. I'm jealous because you had so much fun without us.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes! Yes!! I love this post. Now I don't have to hide my face in shame if I'm hanging out with you and some of your other friends come over. I do love your version of the story, I have to admit. It's far more entertaining than mine :)

Thanks for clearing my name.

Nan said...

I am glad that you have been able to see that telling the truth can set you free.

Rebecca said...

Ok, so I must admit I was one of those people who believed the story but didn't tell you. I was actually disturbed about the whole thing! But then I read your mom's comment and I figured it had to be a joke, but I still didn't quite get it...thanks for clearing it up:)