Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

We had the best fourth of July ever.  Mostly, because having lived in horrifically humid places most of my life, I have never enjoyed a beautiful sunny Fourth of July in the 70's with a nice cool breeze.  

But besides that, we had friends come over for a big breakfast and we all decorated our strollers and bikes.  Then we had a little Independence Day parade down to the park.  

This tradition started two years ago.  Our neighborhood in Virginia had an annual parade.  So we decorated the heck out of Max's stroller and ourselves and headed for the parade.  Of course I got the starting location wrong.  We decided to try and make it anyway.  So there we were, sweating like crazy, trucking through the neighborhood all by ourselves, looking like some overly-patriotic immigrants that just received their citizenship, letting the world know we loved our country.  Suffice to say, Abram was not happy and swore through the rivers of sweat running down his face that this parade wouldn't get the best of him.  

So the next year we moved to a new home and instituted a neighborhood parade that I'm happy to say continued this year.  And now we're in another new home and the tradition lives on!  So once we got to the park we set the kids loose on the playground and the pond.  The adults and some of the big kids played a game of football on the "beach."  And then we headed back to the house to blow up our giant water slide/pool so the kids could cool off.   

After some much needed naps we headed to Shawn and Lisa's for a bbq, a game of celebrity, and fireworks.  I really don't think the day could have been better.  God bless America!

Abram has not forgiven me for throwing out his Fourth of July shirt 4 years ago and has decided that his Australia hat will forever more be his Fourth of July hat.  

Keely, the Queen of the Independence Day Parade

Lisa, the indentured servant of the Independence Day Parade
Since Abby was the oldest kid there, we asked her to be the Parade Leader.  I wasn't sure if she would think that wasn't cool enough or something, so I was relieved when she replied, "Really?  Thanks!"  And she made us proud.  Look at that scepter.  If that doesn't wield power, I don't know what does.  

Here are Max and Collin in the pond.

Not surprisingly, here are Max and Collin in the pond about 5 minutes later.

All the kids.

Enjoying the show.  

Aviva, wondering why her mom isn't keeping the sun out of her eyes.

Abram and Max

I'll post photos of the football game, water slide, bbq and fireworks if I can get them from other people.  

Lisa's blog has some really cute one's of Max and Keely watching the fireworks. 


KA said...

Good thing Shauri wasn't there, since I've recently discovered her rather extreme aversion to parades of any kind.

Kristin Mulrooney said...

We missed you guys as we paraded around the pond this year. George Washington distributed copies of the Declaration of Independence to the participants.

Elizabeth said...

It was the best fourth ever! Thanks for the photos of Collin and Max, they are so cute together. We had a great day, thanks for all the fun!

Shauri said...

I have an aversion to all parades except ones that are led by Abram in that hat.

You guys sure look like you've been losing some weight! A couple of "skinny minnies" as mom would say.

Aly said...

Looks like so much fun. You're definitely the Quinn I'd want to hang out with on the 4th ;-)

Byron & Michelle said...

Thanks for letting us be apart of the greatest 4th parade (I hate bands and political people in convertibles.) You guys know how to host, please pass along how you ordered the perfect weather. It was fabulous!!

Janie said...

I found your blog! We had so much fun and are glad we got to be part of the parade! You totally made Abby's day!!