Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got me

The scene: Aviva is napping, Max is playing in the baby pool, I am sitting inside in the chair  next to the sliding glass doors.  Max disappears around the corner for a few minutes.  he reappears naked. (FYI - this is not an uncommon occurrence)

K: Max!  Why did you take your swim suit off?  
M: Cause I all wet.  (Big smile and hands out as if he is explaining some new exciting concept to me)
K: (chuckles)
M: (chuckles)
K:  It's not funny.
M:  Yes funny.  You say "ha ha ha" (imitates my laugh)

I ignore him and let him continue playing naked on the deck.  He disappears again and returns with his wet swim diaper back on, and swim suit on backwards and yells, "Look mama!"  

How can I not be pleased with that? 


emandteem said...

you guys have some pretty funny kids. I love the 'wrapping paper' and homemade shoes.

xóchitl said...

max is hilarious. and i'm glad we're not the only ones with naked issues either. whenever the doorbell rings my girls scream and squeal and run upstairs because their always running around in tshirts and undies. a pair of pants easily solves that problem. And after night time showers? they run around in front of this huge window above our front door without a thought. whatever.