Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Hail Lisa

So it turns out that my foot and toe agility is really impressive.  Last Sunday night Keely and Max made a game out of trying to get my socks off of my feet.  You should have seen me, my feet were like lightening, all while I stayed seated/laying down on the love seat.  

As you might suspect, Shauri and Shawn couldn't resist getting in on a little of the action.  So they tried to hold me down to give the kids a better chance.  However, having grown up in the middle of four brothers, if there is one thing I'm better at than keeping my socks on, it's keeping myself from getting pinned.  Because once you've been pinned, anything can happen really.  It's an important survival technique.  

All this time Lisa watched from across the room.  Then began the familiar interaction.  Shauri taunts Lisa, saying she's not tough.  She could never get the sock off, etc., etc.  Lisa shakes her head, responds to every comment, but something always holds her back.  Well not last Sunday Night ladies and gentlemen.  Lisa darted across the room, sacrificed her daughter so she could shield herself from my kicks, got a grip on my socks (And it was quite a grip - I'm guessing there was some major hair pulling going on in the Shumway household) and ripped those babies off in no time flat.  

Here is Lisa in her ghetto fabulous track suit proclaiming victory: 


Delsa said...

I must admit, that I miss those fun moment. You never know what is hidden underneath that smirk of Lisa'a do you?

Lisa said...

I'm laughing so hard right now!