Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the results are in...

Aviva has been coveting Ashlyn Elder's doll and stroller for months now.  So for Christmas that's what we got her.  Much to my surprise, she hardly touches the stroller, but the pack and play that came along with the set is her new favorite place to gather all her toys (and a little snack if she can sneak it into the family room) and sit down and take a load off. 

We were also a little surprised at Max's obvious favorite gift.  The little stuffed dog that came along with his pajamas as a free gift.  His name is fast doggy and he hasn't left Max's tight grip for three weeks. 


amy said...

I have another friend who straight GAVE HER KID A BOX FOR CHRISTMAS.

He loved it.

That's why kids are awesome, even if their sleeping patterns leave much to be desired.


xóchitl said...

fast doggy? that's hilarious.

my SIL gave her 6-month-old a box of tissues for christmas. she couldn't believe her mommy let her make such a fun mess. but now we have to watch her around kleenex.

i love that aviva sneaks snacks. my kind of girl.

Delsa said...

What cute pictures- But what do you expect, look who's in them.