Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

We convinced Ryan and Amy to drive their family up to Michigan for the holidays. The day they drove up Max started puking, having diarrhea, getting a temperature, being generally cranky, and it didn't stop until Christmas Eve.

Shawn and Lisa were gracious enough to open up their home for Ryan and Amy, but it didn't stop Andrew from catching the dreaded virus, so he and Ryan came over to the quarantined house and spent the next couple of days with us. It was a miserable 10 days, but by some miracle, Christmas Eve and Christmas day were the only two days everyone was healthy and happy. Here are a few photos of the holiday:

The Wise Men
Mary and the unhappy donkey

We always have a talent show for the cousins after the nativity scene. Aviva's talent was high fiving and kissing. This is me trying to help her show off her kissing talent. Ben tried to steal the show so everyone would know he was much better at both talents.


sterlingandbrandi said...

The adorable pictures of the nativity reenactment reminded me of a story at our Christmas Enrichment. This old lady shared that her family has always reenacted the nativity and then told how the little kids always think that the portrayal of Christ is the actual Jesus Christ and are so excited to tell him what they want for Christmas and sit on his lap. I was like, What?! You have an adult acting as Christ and the kids tell him what they want for Christmas?!! That seemed like a CRAZY addition to the night!

emily said...

Um, this sounds strangely reminiscent of our holiday cheer. Seriously, the amount of vomit (among other things) was through the roof. Glad to hear you were all healthy for Christmas day though. And let's keep our fingers crossed that we have all done our time with that ferocious little bug :-)

amy said...

Every time you mention Ryan and Amy I get really confused.

Christmas eve nativity enactments (minus Jesus Claus) is a good enough reason to procreate. It seems like a guaranteed good laugh.

Your kids are really cute and, while I am sure I will never manage a Christmas card myself, if ever there were little faces that belonged on a Christmas card, they belong to Max and Aviva. That said, I think you're right about the candy...