Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daddy's Notes

1.  One of Aviva's favorite games is "steal and run away."  The game requires two ingredients other than herself: Max and one of Max's favorite toys.   We don't let Max take the toys back directly from her, so she loves to just stand there and taunt him with the stolen toy.  

2.  Max's voice is still a little scratchy from the tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, which is really cute.  But I miss his laugh, which he hasn't really done since his surgery.  It sounds like he's forcing it, but he's not.  I miss it a lot.  Hopefully he'll laugh again soon. 

3.  I finally broke Kristin down and she let me get a Wii.  I swore I'd never be that guy that let his kids win, just because they're kids.  But I let Max knock me out in boxing this morning and it was so cute how he pointed at me and said, "I pushed you down daddy.  Yes." (Cue fist pump.)  I did knock him down the next match, just to make sure he didn't get too cocky.  So I haven't gone completely soft yet.

4.  I'm lucky to be married to a great Mom.  She makes up for my many deficiencies by being patient, tolerant, loving and kind.  Again, I'm so very lucky. 


xóchitl said...

how nice to hear notes from daddy. the kids will love looking back on this.

are you sure you "let" max knock you down? sounds like a cover-up.

Delsa said...

Oh, no, don't tell me this is another x-box thing. Are my neighbors going to wonder what is going on in the room downstairs with a bunch of men sitting around staring at things and yelling? Though this sounds like it's much more physical. Is this what Shawn also has?