Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taking Care of Zach

On Monday I had the pleasure of watching Zach for Michelle and Chris.  He is the cutest, happiest little baby you'll ever see.   Oh, and he is huge.  He's 4 or 5 months old (right Michelle?) and look at him next to Aviva (16 months old):

Aviva loved her some Zach.  She was completely entertained by him all day (except when I would feed him - then her fiery jealous side reared its ugly head, but I'm trying to be positive here).   I brought her old swing up from he basement but I couldn't find the plug.  So Aviva decided that she would go ahead and swing him manually:

When she wasn't swinging him or bringing him toys she was nuzzling him:

And she was indeed grateful for his visit because she rediscovered this beauty.  It's her preferred place to eat snacks now.  Even over her doll's pack and play:  

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Delsa said...

Good job Michelle and Chris, he is adorable. Looks like another bruiser like Ben!!! Maybe you should volunteer to babysit him everyday since it seemed to entertain Aviva so much.