Friday, September 21, 2007

Baby Love

As you can tell from this picture, Max loves his baby sister. Sometimes he loves her a little too much. The other day he was at the table eating and Vivi was on the couch. I ran upstairs to get something and when I came back down, Max was standing by her, obviously pleased with himself. He saw me and exclaimed, "Juice! Bee!" (Bee is how he says baby). I looked at Aviva and half of her head was covered in orange juice. And this is what he does to show he loves her. I can only imagine what tricks he's got up his sleeve for when he starts resenting her.


Summer, Steve and Davis said...

You really were my inspiration! Congratulations on that beautiful new baby. I love reading your blog and am glad that you guys are doing well. Love you! Summer

Jana said...

LOL! So, I assume you noticed that we didn't stop by this weekend. :) Jason come home instead. But next weekend is the new plan. And then plan on us stopping by. I will e in touch. :)

Larissa Kindred said...

What a great picture and I love Max's shirt! Looks like you guys are doing great. Abram, you're quit a good blogger. Very consistent in updating which is the key to keeping people coming back for more. :)