Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nilo Table

Max loves to play with tools and help me build things. Sadly for Max, we don't do a lot of building in our house. I learned a long time ago to leave the wood building to Spencer Brinton.

But, Max had a special surprise over the weekend as Max received a delayed birthday present, a nilo table. Max spent the majority of our time singing, "turning, turning" and putting his tool in any hole he could find and rotating it. Then, after a few verses, he would exclaim, "fixed it, daddy, fixed it!" and he would raise his hands in exclamation.

Then, once he had put together the nilo table, with a little help from me, he scampered to the top of the table and proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs the various colors of the legos we had placed on the table for him to play with. He appeared to be playing some game where the colored legos were germs and he was doing his best to rid the table of infection. He did this for some time until all the legos were on the ground and then he asked for "notherone." He did this several times.

Very cute.


Melanie said...

Hilarious...what a little personality he has!

Larissa Kindred said...

You guys might have a future doctor on your hands!

KA said...

Does everyone just know what a Nilo table is? Should I let it affect my self esteem that I don't?

Abram said...

Yes, Kristin, you should let it affect your self esteem. It means you were terribly deprived as a child.

But they're some times much cheaper on ebay. For ebay, please see: