Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Naked Time

Max has gotten into a terrible habit: after he's been put in his crib for the night, he strips off all his clothes and his diaper and lays in his crib naked. Now, it's easy to understand his behavior -- what man doesn't sleep better in the nude? -- but it's hard for us to allow this going forward. One, he's got horrible bladder control; although he has managed to get some of his "poopies" into the toilette, including a "bigh poopie" yesterday, he's never managed to control in any way his peeing. Second, his room has horrible climate control and becomes the coldest room in the house during the winter.

Any suggestions on how to correct this behavior?

(PS -- we will try and get photo evidence the next time this occurs.)


Melanie said...

Hahaha, I'm totally laughing at funny when it isn't your own child. No advice, unfortunately, and you probably wouldn't want it from me. If it were me, I'd let my child suffer through the cold and learn the hard way...except I forget the part about no bladder control. Yikes...I don't know what to tell you. Sorry. But please send a picture. Oh, and also congrats to Max on the "big poopie." Jackson was notorious in Wisconsin for telling everyone who came to the door (and usually it was the Jehovah Witnesses) that he had just gone "big poopie" in the potty. I just smiled...I didn't want to kill his pride.

Brady & Sherry Jones said...

I would suggest you invest in a space heater for the room and a waterproof mattress, possibly even a splash guard for the wall. Look on the bright side: Max will probably potty train quickly if he keeps sleeping in the nude.

The 3 Redheads said...

Emma likes to do the same thing during the day. I'll have just dressed her and few minutes later she'll come running into whatever room I'm in, sans clothing, screaming, "Naken Emma! AAAAAH!" I don't chase her anymore as I think this game-like reaction has encouraged it. Yesterday I put her diaper back on but let her stay like that until we had to leave the house later that afternoon. Solution???

Sandy said...

If he doesn't know how to undo the crotch snaps on the onsies you could try putting those on under his pjs. I thought of that b/c Connor had a rash on his bum a while ago and he walked around all day with his hand down the back of his diaper scratching away!! It was real classy, especially in public :-) So I just put a onsie on under his clothes.