Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday

Last night we had a joint family birthday party for Max and his cousin Sarah. Aunt Misty made the most amazing cake (see left). Luckily, Sarah and Max are both going through a big sea creatures phase, so there's your theme. It really was so much fun being with family and watching the two of them open presents and get so excited. When we brought the cake out, we hadn't even finished the song before Sarah and Max had blown the candles out. Much improved since last year when Max just reached for the candles and burned his finger. Not so fun for him, but it made
for a good home video.

Aida stopped by to bring Max a present. When she walked in she let us know that she had a present, but she had better help Max by opening it for him. Which she proceeded to do. Max didn't seem to mind though. She got him a book "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" which I highly recommend. It's really funny.

Again, it was so great to see Max so happy with his cousins. He clearly couldn't have had a better night (unless Preston was there too). He gave us a play by play this morning about what all had happened, and even acted out his favorite part (blowing out the candles). So thanks everyone for making it such a great night.


Larissa Kindred said...

Jeff and I both agree that Max is the cutest little guy (well, after Beck of course) and we think he's going to be funny too! How could he not be?

Owens D.C. said...

Happy Bday again to the man of the house! Hurry up with this little girl :)