Monday, September 24, 2007

Mount Vernon

Today the family took a mini-tour of the Commonwealth (of Virginia) by touring the estate of George Washington: Mount Vernon. It's 14 miles south of Washington, and the drive is scenic and the estate truly is worth fighting to the death for. The view is stunning.

Garrett had luxurious accommodations, as he drew the seat between Max and Aida in the back of our '92 Accord. He smiles as if he actually enjoyed the ride, but something tells me that between having to play hide and seek with Max for 15 minutes (yeah, Max loves to play, even if the only place to hid is the car seat in which he is stuck), Aviva crying for food on the other side, and his knees being lodged between the front seats in way that proved not all riders require seat belts.

Once we arrived, Max loved the statutes of George and his family. Again, we failed to capture appropriate Max's parting kiss to George's grandson, but you'll see he blended in perfectly with American royalty.

It was a nice visit, but relatively short. Luckily, Kristin got a yearly pass and Max is free, so Max and Kristin should be going back pretty regularly.


Owens D.C. said...

I have a yearly pass as well, we should go during the winter, thigs are so beautiful then!

Melanie said...

ok, so Max and Aviva are destined to be brain children, at least compared to my kids, since your children will grow up enjoying museums, monuments and all things history, and mine will be enjoying the swingset in their backyard. Maybe I should encourage Brian to look for a job somewhere a bit more...historical? Old? Exciting?