Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today was a great day -- friends and family visited, Chris Cutler made the BEST lasagna we've ever eaten, and V survived another day without Max smacking his giant noggin' into hers when kissing the top of her head.

Max refused to take a nap today at his regular time, demanding instead to go to "(n)ursery," where all his church friends would be playing. He even fell asleep in my arms while we were in services and when I told him we were going home, he sprung up screaming "ursery"! He sure does love his church friends.

He also became quite intrigued by Kristin's breast-feeding. He kept trying to peek under the blanket and finally just flung the whole thing off -- luckily, Kristin's cat-like reflexes prevented any long-term Delsa-like embarrassment.

Vivi didn't really do much today except remain very cute and push her tongue in and out, in and out. She loves the feel of the cool breeze whistling across the tip o' the tongue. It's really cute.


Delsa said...

Oh my heavens, what an adorable picture of Max and Aviva continues to enchant me.
You must have one crazy "ursery". Wish I could go.

shauri quinn said...
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