Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fairy Godmother

Baby Aviva has been blessed with something every baby needs: a living Fairy Godmother. Blessed with wit, charm, and sensitivity, V's Fairy Godmother -- known to mortals as Becky -- lives across the way and adores Max. She has offered to be Vivi's fairy godmother because we hope that Vivi grows up to be sociable, intelligent, and funny just like her. She's even a republican, to offer a little balance.

We note that Max has a regular godmother who also presents Max with a strong female archetype, but we really hope Aviva's fairy godmother is more involved in Aviva's life than Max's non-fairy godmother. We will keep you posted.

In Max news, I took Max to art class for the first time today. Apparently not all parents teach their children to roar and knock over towers. That was what I learned today.

Oh, and the picture of Max shows both his love of Mickey Mouse (he we just had to take to the park today) and his classic mean-mug shot, which we get about a gizilion times a day.


Delsa said...

Keep sending those daily reports I love them. I even kind of like Max's mean face and Viva is a dream.

KA said...

Wow. That is a gorgeous baby.

Melanie said...

Hey Ellis Fam - congrats on the new addition. We love your blog and my boys know to point to Max's picture and yell his name. Baby Aviva is darling.

Mel (long-lost BYU friend of Abram's)

The 3 Redheads said...

Congratulations! We love the photos. I hope Max keeps up the protective role. Emma had a rough adjustment to a new sibling but is pretty protective of her baby sis now.