Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daddy Time

Nothing is more exciting than being a dad for the first time. And thanks to the generosity of Simpson Thacher, I get to enjoy the first four weeks of Aviva's life in real-time. Paternity leave is one of the greatest advancements of our life time.

As a result of my freedom, I will be managing the EFN Blog for the next four weeks. Some of you may have already noticed a change in style with my first post announcing Aviva's birth. There's more of that where that came from.

But, you really want to know about Aviva and Kristin, not my editorial style. So attached are some pics of Aviva and Kristin. Max seems perfectly enthrawled by his little sister and appears protective, even reminding the cleaning lady to be quiet while Aviva is sleeping. We'll see how long it lasts.


Lisa said...

Cute, we want more! I can't wait to meet baby Aviva and give Max a big fat squeeze!

Amy said...

Mason and Katie are VERY excited to see their new cousin. Until that day arrives, they are thoroughly enjoying simply saying her name (think of the movie Elf where he keeps saying someone's name over and over). So I keep hearing "a VI va" "a vi VA". It just never gets old.

Owens D.C. said...

She is a mini max when it comes to the eyes...adorable!!! Keep up the pics and glad to have you on board Abram :)

Whit said...

She is beautiful! She looks like max, or that is what I can see in some pictures. Such super-fine kids you to have, congrats! Let me know how two is for ya in a couple of months!