Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Hello Avi"

Garrett continued to win over Max and Aviva continues to be charming. Max and Garrett spent time at the park with Max showing Garrett that he can hold his own amongst bigger kids, and that he's even got a little charm with the ladies. No fewer than two girls approached Max to play, and one of them was forward enough to get a hug in advance of the play time. Garrett has also taught Max to say to Aviva by saying, "Hello, Avi."

Aviva is doing the one-week old thing: sleepy, eating, and hiccuping. It may just be our kids, but the hiccups appear to be a true rite of passage that every Ellis-Quinn child must endure. Even Max has learned to make fun of Aviva's hiccups as he'll smile and imitate the hiccup and then laugh.

Shauri arrived tonight to rekindle her rapport with Max, and her return did not fail to create a buzz in the home with Max running around screaming "shauri." Yes, he even got a little of the "sh" sound in there, which is quite the improvement.

As you can see from the picture, max didn't get the memo that the family photo involved green colors, but he just loves his elephant pj's.

And, demand for more pictures of Aviva has been heavy. We aim to please.

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