Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ella's birthday party

So Max has this friend, Ella, who probably has the most extensive wardrobe this side of Keely McKell. Today, Ella celebrated her 2-year birthday and did so in style. There was the blow-up gymnasium for the kids to jump around in, there was music time directed by a music teacher, and the party favors and deserts were simply adult-licious. None of that crappy kids-only stuff that's laced with 99% sugar and 1% flavor.

So how much of this party did Max enjoy? About 1 minute of the 45 we were there. He cried the entire time; he dropped elephant tears and exhaled monkey screams. That's why there's no pictures for today's blog -- I was too busy consoling and had no time to play gorillas in the midst.

So, to make up for it, we rented Happy Feet and let him watch that movie for his Saturday night activity. BTW, the movie -- it's really strange. Maybe those of you who saw it in the theatre caught something we missed, but wow. Crazy. And I'm pretty sure Max will be messed up for years because of it.

Tomorrow's post will have more to do with Vivi. But today she had her first sponge bath. And from what I heard, she didn't like it.


KA said...

I hated that Happy Feet movie. I was actually bugged by it for days.

PS: My doctor told me to wake our baby up too and not b/c of jaundice but b/c, according to him, infants younger than 2 weeks old should not go longer than 4 hours without eating. Not that I ever had to actually "wake" him up.

Lisa said...

Abram, you're a crazy blogger! Daily...impressive! With that kind of stamina I think maybe you should maybe take charge of the EFN blog permanetly. I didn't look for tow days and I was behind by three posts! BTW, Keely wardrobe comment very funny. : )